Здание на Ленинском The Research Institute for Mineral Fertilizers (NIUIF) was founded in 1919 to deal with production and application of mineral fertilizers, sulphuric and phosphoric acids and technical salts. In 1994 the Institute was incorporated into JSC “NIUIF”.

The basis research activities of the Institute are as follows:

research in the field of phosphate rock processing, creation of scientific fundamentals of technologies and equipment arrangement for obtaining a wide range of mineral fertilizers, technical salts, sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid;

creation of ecologically friendly and resource-saving technologies and equipment for the production of wide range phosphorous and nitrogen containing mineral fertilizers, wet process phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid and its derivatives, technical salts and feed additives for animal husbandry;

utilization and processing of multi-tonnage production wastes (spent sulphuric acid, hydrogen sulphide, phosphogypsum, fluorine and sulphur containing gases;

the complex energy–saving operations. The developments of recommendations as to the use of secondary energy resources;

the Institute works out the initial data to design pilot and commercial plants;

sale of licenses, «know-how», engineering services;

chemical plants designing;

    Apart from participation in the construction of novel plants we can offer our services related to inspection and renovation of the operating plants.

    More than 40 plants for production of phosphorus-containing mineral fertilizers and thereof associate products have been built and put into operation on the basis of engineering developments carried out by Institute in Russia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Cyprus, India, China, Poland, Romania, Turkey etc.

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