Engineering surveys are a prerequisite for both capital construction (road construction, erection of industrial buildings and structures), and low-rise construction, from landscape design to laying utility networks (MEP).

JSC NIUIF carries out the following engineering surveys: Building construction survey The main goal is to collect the design data required for engineering:

  • geological engineering surveys

geological, geophysical and geochemical analysis of territory, field work - well drilling, field soil testing and sampling, laboratory work - determination of strength and distortion properties of soils;

  • engineering and geodetic surveys

construction of support-boundary and vertical control networks, setting up construction footprint, land allotment, main axes of buildings and structures, geometric control of building and structure parameters during construction process, executive survey of buildings and structures, building facade and internal premise measurements, topographic survey on a scale of M 1:200 to M 1:2000;

  • environmental engineering and hydrometeorological engineering surveys

ecological, hydrological and meteorological analysis of territory, field work - sampling of soils and subsoils, radiological studies, studies of environmental electromagnetic parameters, radon flux density determination, microclimate parameter study, water flow rate determination, mapping of environmental pollution.