2019 Research & practical conference “JSC NIUIF: 100 years of progress in science and production”


The international research and practical conference “JSC NIUIF: 100 years of progress in science and production” took place in Cherepovets at Phosphoric production site of JSC “Apatit” on 11-12 September 2019, dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Institute.

Conference program

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Every 2 years, Y. Samoilov Research Institute of Fertilizers and Insectofungicides (JSC NIUIF) - the main engineering division of PhosAgro, organizes a research and practical conference on the latest topics in the mineral fertilizer industry. In 2019, the conference is dedicated to an extraordinary event - the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the institute’s foundation. At the JSC NIUIF invitation, experts in the field of production of mineral fertilizers, sulphuric and phosphoric acids, specialists from analytical services, research institutes and specialized universities, representatives of agricultural companies, traders, consultants, suppliers of engineering services and equipment, as well as regional and international organizations related to the technology and use of fertilizers, gathered in Cherepovets. The conference brought together more than 120 delegates from Russia, Belarus, Canada, Germany, India, the UK and other countries.


Two days of the conference were divided into thematic sections: mineral fertilizers, wet-process phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid, complex processing of raw materials, ecology and the best available technologies (BAT); where delegates presented more than 40 reports and presentations on the following topics:

  • innovative solutions in the field of mining and beneficiation of phosphate raw materials, sulphuric and wet-process phosphoric acid technology, mineral fertilizers, feed and industrial salts;
  • development of technical solutions for the modernization of existing production technologies with an increase in capacity and energy efficiency, recommendations for replacing worn or outdated equipment with more efficient and cost-effective;
  • experience in implementing environmentally friendly and efficient technological solutions;
  • familiarization of specialists with the latest implemented and promising developments in the mineral fertilizer industry, presentation of new processes and equipment corresponding to BAT.

After the conference, a book of reports will be published.

Welcoming speeches were made by the Deputy General Director of PJSC PhosAgro Boris Levin, JSC NIUIF General Director Kirill Pozdeev and JSC NIUIF Director of Industrial Technology Andrey Norov.


“It will take a very long time to list all JSC NIUIF achievements in the 100-year history. But, perhaps, the main thing is that the staff of the institute is constantly being renewed, new employees keep coming. At the same time, highly qualified specialists with unique full cycle experience continue the work - from obtaining design data to implementing technologies. And young specialists can learn from this experience, which allows the institute to move forward further, preserving what has been accumulated by veterans. And today we see, that the institute has not lost anything from its scientific developments, standardization, and regulatory documents. In addition, today the institute is actively working in major new areas, such as surveying and engineering,” said Boris Levin.


“More than 80 process plants for the production of mineral fertilizers, phosphoric, sulphuric and industrial acids have been built under the JSC NIUIF projects in Russia and other countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that not only Russian, but also foreign experts are interested in our conference. They come to us to listen to their colleagues and discuss current issues in the development of the chemical industry,” said Kirill Pozdeev, JSC NIUIF General Director.

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“This is the seventh international research and practical conference held by NIUIF at the modern historical stage. The previous one was held in Cherepovets in February 2017 and covered the following topics: the best available technologies in the industry of mineral fertilizers and inorganic acids. In 2015, current trends in the production and use of phosphorus-containing fertilizers and inorganic acids were discussed. Other forums included industrial ecology, the use of phosphate raw materials, the processing of fluorine and the extraction of rare earth elements in the production of fertilizers and so on. The peculiarity of this conference is that it is an anniversary,” said Andrey Norov, JSC NIUIF Director of Industrial Technology.



The following key issues of chemical production were highlighted at the conference: resource efficiency, environmental safety and risk management.

“Our reports covered the transition of the industry enterprises to a new technological standardization based on the best available technologies, and related issues of implementing integrated environmental solutions, including automatic control of emissions and discharges. These issues are relevant for both PhosAgro and other industry enterprises. My report covered the regulatory and technical issues that arise during the creation of automatic control systems at enterprises producing mineral fertilizers,” says Andrey Malyavin, deputy head of the chemical and petrochemical industry department of FSAI “Research Institute of EIPC”.


The second report from our institute addressed the issues of energy efficiency, limiting greenhouse gas emissions when applying BAT for the production of mineral fertilizers, as well as expectations related to the adoption of a federal law on regulating greenhouse gas emissions in Russia. PhosAgro pays great attention to the environmental issues. The company maintains open reporting on greenhouse gas emissions, objects of negative impact are listed in the register of negative impact objects. As part of the working group of the Russian Association of Fertilizer Producers in Ecology, PhosAgro representatives are working on common industry approaches to the law enforcement practice of environmental regulation and standardization”.


“In 2013, we began active work with fertilizer producers, including PhosAgro. And at the same time, we were introduced to JSC NIUIF, with whom we began to study potential fertilizer production options and develop existing technologies. Since then, we have been fruitfully cooperating, recalls Stepan Khlopenkov, Head of Business Development at AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH. Despite the fact that our company is engaged in the production of equipment for the chemical industry, we, like NIUIF, try to do science too”.

As a part of the conference, a research and practical seminar "Analytical chemistry and production control" was held.

The seminar was attended by researchers of JSC NIUIF Quality and Standardization Department, managers and specialists of the quality control departments and test analytical centers of PhosAgro group enterprises: JSC Apatit and its Kirovsk, Volkhov and Balakovo branches, OJSC Gomel Chemical Plant, JSC MCC EuroChem, EuroChem-Belorechensk Mineral Fertilizers, LLC PG Phosphorit, JSC NAK Azot, JSC Nevinomyysky Azot, JSC NIIK, LLC NIAP, LLC SORBIS GROUP, including university representatives: D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Cherepovets State University.

Submitted reports covered the most promising areas for improving analytical control of technological processes and quality of products. Specialists from the main structural divisions of NIUIF JSC spoke about their accumulated experience in introducing the best and most promising technologies of sulphuric, phosphoric acids and fertilizers. During the seminar, each presentation sparked off a lively discussion and participants asked a lot of questions. At the end of the seminar, guests exchanged ideas and visited institute’s labs.

Within the framework of the research and practical conference, the participants were able to familiarize themselves with the new and under construction production facilities of the nitrogen and phosphorus complex of Apatit JSC.



The general program of the anniversary conference included a separate section for students of PhosAgro-classes. After the opening remarks by the managers of NIUIF JSC, the future chemists and engineers presented their projects, which were highly appreciated by the institute’s researchers. At the end of the section high school students visited JSC NIUIF laboratories and had a tour of the Green Planet interactive-cognitive center.




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