Under JSC NIUIF project, WPA production plant at JSC Apatit was successfully revamped and put into operation


In November 2018, after the revamp, carried out in accordance with the main engineering solutions issued by JSC NIUIF in 2017 during general maintenance shutdown period, 2nd process system of JSC Apatite №1 WPA production plant was successfully put into operation. In accordance with JSC NIUIF designed project, the following revamp steps were taken: replacement of feeders and central slurry circulator with Sulzer WPA-110, installation of a second wet phosphate feed mixer, reconstruction of aging tank with an increase of decomposition zone by installing two radial partitions, adding of another sulphuric acid injection point, installation of five EKATO agitators with 1600 mm impeller diameters, modernization of the slurry air cooling unit with new air cooling apparatus installation, fan for air feed and slurry circulator, installation of a new cover and replacement of the scrubbing system from decomposition and aging tanks with the installation of increased capacity fans. The result of the 2nd process system filter unit reconstruction with the installation of the fifth vacuum filter was the HBF-5 launch with a useful 65 m2 filtration area in the middle of December 2018. 


Figure 1. JSC Apatite WPA-1 2nd process system reaction unit

Currently (February 2019) 2nd process system loads per phosphate rock at the level of 140÷150 t/h have been successfully utilized. The average of phosphate raw materials processing efficiency is: Kizvl - 97.5%, Kotm - 98.6÷98.7%, Kvykh - not less than 96.0%.

As a result, the total hemihydrate production capacity of WPA, after a similar 1st process system revamp carried out earlier (in October 2017), increased up to ~ 830 thousand tons of Р2О5 per year.

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