Materials for construction industry

By-products from sulphuric and phosphoric acid production are used as raw materials for the construction industry. JSC NIUIF has engineering designs that allow the use of these materials in the production of construction materials.

Phosphogypsum and phosphate hemihydrate

A two-stage process of wet-process phosphoric acid allows to obtain gypsum, which can be successfully used for the production of gypsum binders or in the Portland cement production DH-HH Process.

JSC NIUIF has developed and patented a method for gypsum stone production from newly obtained phosphate hemihydrate.

Anhydrite from sulphuric acid recycling

Anhydrite production method with the recycling of concentrated sulphuric acid allows to obtain anhydrite binder.

Fluoride sludge

During fluorine-containing wastewater disposal, fluoride sludge is obtained, which contains 60-65% CaF2 (on dry basis). This product is used in the production of Portland cement as a batch mineralizer.