Gas scrubbing

Under modern conditions of significant anthropogenic environmental impact, the search for the most efficient and cost-effective ways of scrubbing industrial emissions is more and more relevant. The need to reduce emissions of harmful substances with off-gases in mineral fertilizer manufacture is associated with increased attention to environmental issues and tightening of sanitary standards. Therefore, nowadays, work, aimed at the development of gas-scrubbing equipment is relevant and significant.

Gas scrubbing in mineral fertilizers and WPA manufacture is complicated by precipitation (silica gel), large dust content, as well as possible crystallization of the scrubbing liquid. All these factors impose certain requirements on the scrubbing equipment.

Namely: the first scrubbing step, which works in conditions of dusty gas and precipitation, must be structurally simple and not a subject to scaling. Therefore, the basis of scrubbing systems instrumentation design is the joint operation of scrubber sprayed towers, Venturi scrubbers and high-speed foam scrubber. This symbiosis is very effective, as it allows to achieve maximum results at minimum costs, especially when scrubbing dusty gases, accompanied by precipitation. Based on the criteria of high efficiency, reliability of equipment in operation, duration of work without scaling and minimization of capital costs, the specialists of JSC NIUIF had developed flowsheets for gas scrubbing from pollutants in phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizer manufacture.