Inventive work is an integral part of the Institute's research and engineering activities. In order to develop and increase the effectiveness of scientific research in the field of production and purification of phosphoric and sulphuric acids, production of mineral fertilizers and technical salts, improvement of instrumentation, as well as fast-track the use of the results in production and ensuring their legal protection, the department of patent licensing completes the following tasks:

  • management of JSC NIUIF patent-information activity;
  • monitoring the patent situation in the field of mineral fertilizer production and providing employees with patent information on topics of ongoing and promising developments;
  • advising specialists on patent and licensing support for research, engineering and innovative activities;
  • cataloging information about the use of inventions in enterprises.
The main activities of the patent and licensing department include:

  • patent research;
  • verification of patent clearance with preparation of reports on patent research and based on them patent forms when issuing the initial data for the design;
  • conducting the necessary operations to obtain the protection of exclusive rights to new technical solutions (from the preparation of patent application to the receipt of a letter of protection);
  • management of the institute's unified patent base;
  • analysis and identification of technologies not protected by patents;
  • cooperation with federal executive bodies on intellectual property of the Russian Federation and other administrative departments on intellectual property issues.