JSC NIUIF provides the following services:

Scientific activity:

  • laboratory research in the field of technologies and products that meet the competencies of the Institute;
  • development of physical and chemical foundations of technologies for phosphorus-containing fertilizers, feed phosphates, inorganic acids and salts;
  • development of main design solutions, initial data for design and basic projects aimed at revamp of existing and construction of new plants for phosphorus-containing fertilizers, inorganic salts and acids, as well as ore dressing;
  • management and conduct of surveys, pilot tests, balance sheet and warranty tests in existing industries;
  • participation in the start-up and assimilation of plants after their construction or revamp;
  • development of activities to improve properties and quality of the final product;
  • development and implementation of the best available technologies within the Institute’s field of competencies;
  • optimization of enterprises’ water balances;
  • conducting surveys, developing guidelines and main design solutions to improve gas-cleaning plants’ operation;
  • method development for the processing, utilization and neutralization of waste and by-products;
  • development and implementation of express technological process inspection methods;
  • development and implementation of training simulators for improvement and development of process personnel skills;
  • consulting services within the Institute’s field of competencies (process and economic issues, equipment selection, etc.);
  • conducting technical audits of existing SA, WPA, PMF plants and new projects.

Engineering and survey activities:

  • implementation of complex engineering surveys (geodetic, geological, environmental and hydrometeorological);
  • survey of buildings and structures;
  • development of design documentation;
  • development of feasibility studies of standards and feasibility comparisons of mining options;
  • projects design for deposit development by underground and open-cast mining;
  • support of project documentation in supervisory authorities (including holding public hearings on the environmental parts of the project) and examinations;
  • development of working documentation;
  • development of design documentation for non-standard equipment;
  • provision of field supervision services;
  • audit of design and working documentation made by third-party contractors.

Additive technology activities:

  • creation of 3D models from single units to the whole production;
  • creation of conceptual, presentation and mock-up models of parts, units or productions using 3D printing;
  • interactive development for layouts using augmented reality technology;
  • development of training complexes based on virtual reality;
  • visualization of production processes.

Activities in the field of metrology and methodology:

  • development of methods for determining products and raw material quality indicators, their preparation for metrological certification, including submission to the Federal Information Fund in the field of ensuring the uniformity of measurements;
  • development of standard samples of raw materials and final products;
  • Interlaboratory comparison studies (ICS) of the mineral fertilizer quality and safety indicators, raw materials for their production, as well as production waste. The ICS plan for 2020.
  • conducting tests, studies of the chemical, phase composition and structure of mineral fertilizer final product samples, raw materials for their production and production waste.

Standardization Activities:

  • conducting a set of works and examinations for state registration of fertilizers;
  • development of standards (including state ones), technical specifications and safety data sheets for products;
Rapid methods of analysis and automation of technological processes:

  • providing the production and the Institute with fast, informative, visual and automated means and methods of working with information about the quality and properties of products during manufacture, storage and transportation;
  • creation, development and licensing of appropriate equipment and software;
  • classification, processing and analysis of received information;
  • support for the introduction of new technologies, methods, devices and software at the enterprises of the PhosAgro group.